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OFS Group Limited owns the trademarks to Man of the Match® in classes 9, 16, 38 and 41

Community Trade Mark via OHIM 002805513
Community Trade Mark via OHIM 002805232

WIPO Trademark - LOGO - Australia - 1184404

Applied for:
WIPO Trade Mark 924918 – Russian Federation, China, USA and Japan
WIPO Trade Mark 924920 – Russian Federation, China, Japan, USA and Australia

Republic of South Africa - 2007/11203-6

Republic of South Africa - 2007/13750-3

Republic of the Philippines - 42007004454

Republic of the Philippines - 42007004455

Please contact MAN OF THE MATCH Limited for licence requests


Class 09: - OHIM AND WIPO
Sound, video and data recording and reproducing apparatus; amusement apparatus for use with a television screen or video monitor; games and apparatus for games for use with a television screen or video monitor, coin or token operated electrical or electronic amusement apparatus; computer software; computer games; electronic games; video games; games cartridges for use with electronic games apparatus; sound and video recordings; cinematographic and photographic films; sunglasses; instructional and teaching apparatus and instruments; records, discs, tapes, cassettes, cartridges, cards and other carriers, all bearing of for use in bearing sound recordings, video recordings, data, images, games, graphics, text, programs, or information; memory carriers, interactive compact discs and CD-ROMs; CD's; mouse mats; mobile phone accessories; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Class 09: - UK ONLY

CDs, mouse mats, mobile phone accessories.

Class 16: - OHIM AND WIPO
Paper, cardboard; paper articles; cardboard articles; printed matter; books; annuals; publications; comic books; song books; magazines; newsletters; newspapers; albums; periodicals; journals; catalogues; manuals; maps; pamphlets; leaflets; posters; stationery; labels; office requisites; drawing and painting materials, apparatus and instruments; writing instrument; instructional and teaching materials; instructional and teaching materials in the form of games; apparatus and instruments; book binding materials; book covers; book marks; printing sets; drawings; paintings; photographs; prints; pictures; calendars; pens; pencils; pencil top ornaments; paints; paintbrushes; paint kits; tags; gift wrap; gift wrap cards; gift wrap tissue; gift boxes; wrapping paper; note pads; playing cards; decalcomanias; paper napkins and other decorative paper items; paper party goods and paper party decorations; paper tablecloths and table covers; paper mats; paper party streamers; embroidery patterns; decorative transfers; rulers; erasers; greetings cards; stickers; paper signs; banners; charts; printed audio cassette containers; printed video cassette containers; printed compact disc, video disc, laser disc and computer disc containers; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Class 16: - UK ONLY


Class 18: - UK ONLY

Class 25: - UK ONLY
Articles of clothing; footwear including boots, shoes, slippers, sandals, trainers, football boots, socks and hosiery; headgear; hats; caps; berets; scarves; gloves; mittens; belts (being articles of clothing).

Class 28: - UK ONLY

Class 38: - OHIM AND WIPO
Broadcasting; television broadcasting; radio broadcasting; satellite television broadcasting; cable television broadcasting; communications by telephone; interactive telephone services; communication services by means of radio waves, telephones, the Internet, the worldwide web, cable, satellite, microwaves, and the electricity grid; telephony for voting purposes; telephony for entertainment purposes.

Class 38: - UK ONLY

Broadcast of television and radio programmes

Class 41: - OHIM AND WIPO
Education and entertainment services all relating to television, cinema, radio and theatre; production and presentation of radio and television programmes, films and shows; education by or relating to television and radio; entertainment by or relating to television and radio; organization of competitions (education or entertainment); interactive telephone competitions; publishing; production of cinematographic films, shows, radio programmes and television programmes; provision of education and entertainment by means of radio, television, satellite, cable, telephone, the worldwide web and the Internet; organization of shows; rental of sound recordings and of pre-recorded shows, films, radio and television performances; production of video tapes and video discs; radio entertainment; television entertainment; cinema entertainment; theatre entertainment; telephone voting services for entertainment purposes; game shows; premium rate telephone voting services for entertainment purposes; television entertainment services involving telephonic audience participation; publication; production and rental of educational and instructional materials entertainment, education and instruction relating to sport; organization and provision of competitions, games and sporting events; exhibitions; production and presentation of sports and entertainment events, stage plays, shows and concerts.

Class 41: - UK ONLY

Sporting events and exhibitions