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OFS has trademarks applied for status for superfan™ in the EU for classes 38, 41 and 45

Community Trade Mark via OHIM 006703904

Community Trade Mark via OHIM 006703888

Please contact OFS Group Limited for licence requests


Class 38: - OHIM
Broadcasting; television broadcasting; radio broadcasting; satellite television broadcasting; cable television broadcasting; communications by telephone; interactive telephone services; communication services by means of radio waves, telephones, the Internet, the worldwide web, cable, satellite, microwaves, and the electricity grid; telephony for voting purposes; telephony for entertainment purposes.

Class 41: - OHIM
Education and entertainment services all relating to television, cinema, radio and theatre; production and presentation of radio and television programmes, films and shows; education by or relating to television and radio; entertainment by or relating to television and radio; organization of competitions (education or entertainment); interactive telephone competitions; publishing; production of cinematographic films, shows, radio programmes and television programmes; provision of education and entertainment by means of radio, television, satellite, cable, telephone, the worldwide web and the Internet; organization of shows; rental of sound recordings and of pre-recorded shows, films, radio and television performances; production of video tapes and video discs; radio entertainment; television entertainment; cinema entertainment; theatre entertainment; telephone voting services for entertainment purposes; game shows; premium rate telephone voting services for entertainment purposes; television entertainment services involving telephonic audience participation; publication; production and rental of educational and instructional materials entertainment, education and instruction relating to sport; organization and provision of competitions, games and sporting events; exhibitions; production and presentation of sports and entertainment events, stage plays, shows and concerts.

Class 45 - OHIM

Legal services; security services for the protection of property and individuals; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals